May 9, 2024

Tips to Prepare for a Seamless Winter Getaway to Falls Creek

As we head into ski season, you may be thinking about booking your winter getaway to our snowy mountain village. Winter at Falls Creek is an experience not to be missed.  

Planning and preparation are key to a fun getaway in Falls Creek. Good planning will ensure that you will have everything you need to enjoy a seamless transition from city to slopes!  

St Falls Resort is an established destination that has served skiers and snow-loving tourists winter after winter. Moreover, being residents of Falls Creek and avid skiers – we can share all the tips, tricks and hacks that will set you up for a successful winter getaway to Falls Creek! 

Here are our top tips to prepare for your upcoming winter getaway as we welcome you to Falls Creek for a memorable stay!  

Secure your Accommodation in Falls Creek 

The first step to ensure your getaway to Falls Creek is fun and hassle-free is to reserve your stay well in advance. Falls Creek is much-loved by local and international tourists during the peak season, therefore, most accommodations get booked out months prior. 

Things to consider when choosing your accommodation in Falls Creek: 

  • Convenience 
    How far is the accommodation from the ski lifts? A convenient location will save you time daily at both ends of the day!  
  • Amenities 
    What are some of the amenities offered by the accommodation? Amenities can be an important factor in adding value to your experience.  
  • Social Proof  
    Read the reviews by previous guests, to help you decide whether the property you have chosen delivers on its promises. 

Ultimately, when we go away on a holiday, we are seeking, comfortable accommodation, convenience, and overall pleasant and fun experiences. 

St Falls Resort – A Recurring Pick by Skiers and Winter Tourists! 

St Falls Resorts is loved by locals and tourists. Our luxury apartments with private balcony hot tubs plus access to in-house food and entertainment combine to ensure our patrons have everything they need for a fun getaway. Every year, visitors return to enjoy the luxury, convenience and premium amenities offered. 

The primary ski lift at Falls Creek is conveniently situated just outside of St Falls Resort. This hassle-free access proves invaluable for visitors, particularly when navigating with kids and ski equipment. 

Find out more. 

Where to Eat at Falls Creek! 

Falls Creek is home to a host of restaurants, cafes, and bars where you can enjoy a scrumptious meal along with cocktails, local wines or coffee to warm you up! 

Our top 3 recommendations for eating out at Falls Creek include: 

  1. 1550 
    Located in-house at St Falls Resort, 1550 restaurant is a popular favourite on the mountain for Falls Creek visitors over winter. Our world class chefs curate a seasonal menu with wine pairings. The restaurant offers a relaxing, family-friendly environment as well as live entertainment over the weekend during peak season. 
  1. Frying Pan Inn 
    Located at the base of the summit, in the popular village bowl – Frying Pan Inn serves hearty barbequed dishes with craft beers and offers a rustic pub atmosphere. 
  1. Cloud 9 
    Take a break and grab a hot chocolate or a bite whilst skiing the slopes.  Located at the top of Halley’s Comet chairlift, stop and enjoy the view whilst you re-fuel.  

It’s worth noting that most eateries in Falls Creek operate for limited hours and capacities. While some places allow walk-ins – you must queue up to get a spot and could be waiting a while in the peak season. Check venues before you arrive and reserve a table to make sure your meals are sorted. 

You can book directly on the St Falls Resort website ahead of your stay for all your mealtimes.  

Find out more about dining at St Falls Resort  

Alternatively, if you have booked an apartment with a kitchenette – pack some groceries from home and enjoy a home-cooked meal or two by cooking at your accommodation. 

We recommend packing some basic groceries and snacks for quick meals to you avoid delays from sourcing food and hit the slopes timely in the mornings! 

If you do not have time to shop, you are in luck as there is a Foodworks Supermarket located in the St Falls Resort complex! 

Other Important Considerations 

  1. Hiring Ski Gear 
    If you don’t own your own ski gear, ask a friend or arrange ski gear hire. It's always best to organise hiring your ski gear ahead of your holiday. There are several ski hire places on the mountain, however book ahead to avoid disappointment as sizes run out quickly in the peak season! 

    Ski Hire & Retail Shops in Falls Creek. 
  1. Mountain Access Card 
    These cards are your permit to access the mountain and include added benefits. These can give access to ski lifts and can also hold record of pending ski lessons and mountain money.

    Apply for these online. They can be collected from multiple locations around Falls Creek, including rental stores. 

    Find out more.  

Make sure you have enough fuel!  Falls Creek does not have a service station and the closest one is located about 30+ km away near Mt Beauty. We recommend you fuel up sufficiently on the way to Falls Creek and have your anti-freeze levels checked a few days before departure. 

Snow chains are a legal requirement for all vehicles arriving in Falls Creek during the snow season. These can be hired from rental facilities and service stations along the way. There are designated snow chain fitting bays along the mountain ascent. 

In case of vehicle breakdowns, all members can reach out to the RACV emergency operations which run 24*7. They can be contacted on 13 11 11. Non-members can reach out to Mt Beauty Auto Repairs, they offer tow truck and automotive repair services. They can be contacted at 03 5754 1366. 

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